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Home of the Homewreckers

Homewreckers – Not My Business by Homewreckers

Yeah… sounds good already … just put´cha feet up … close your eyes … and … melt … to the sound of the Homewreckers. It´s the year 2008 and the location is any urban center in Germany where music lovers are holding a late-night basement party. It is one of those dimly-lit blue-light affairs, and the party has settled down to where the revelers have paired off into couples, tightly clasped together in a slow shuffle dance across the floor, while wafting through the air is the plaintive sound of the Homewreckers.

With its roots in 70s funk, hip hop, house music and smooth crooners like Sam Dees, the resulting combination of soulful moods over a powerful churning percussive rhythm section is hardly surprising in its impact. Soul for them is always a latent force. It is just that it is sometimes buried within a bleeping MIDI interface…

As a unit, the Wreckers are examples of the discipline and feeling that make modern funk our most difficult performance art. They also form part of the reaction against the arrogant sloth and snarling decadence that face us all, threatening to devour all craft and purity, and to push human beings into the hopper of hysteria, where they will be stripped of all but obvious responses. In that sense, their music is a declaration of war against the contrived and the worthless, a statement of elegance, optimism, compassion and of pride. And it shows how safe the warm soul of funk is in the winter of our world.