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Straftanz – Mainstream Sellout Overground – cd album

Done: Everything done at Studio 600. Label: scanner/DarkDimensions DE metropolis records US


Home of the Homewreckers

Homewreckers – Not My Business by Homewreckers Yeah… sounds good already … just put´cha feet up … close your eyes … and … melt … to the sound of the Homewreckers. It´s the year 2008 and the location is any urban center in Germany where … Read More


Home of Straftanz

Tanzt kaputt, was euch kaputt macht! by straftanz We are Straftanz. We scream freedom yet we are unfree. We are people without morale and discipline, yet you adore us when we sagaciously state the wrong. We are the soft concrete that offers good rest for … Read More


Home of Rotersand

Rotersand is a friend who has been accompanying you for a whole decade on your nocturnal hunt’s post-Industrial amusement. Rotersand is the beast right beside you –  twitching, stomping, finally leaping upon you and clinging to you. Want to take us home? The beast can also purr like a black cat if it … Read More


Home of the Deep Kennedys

Ralf Odermann. Krischan Wesenberg. The Kennedys dig deep and house music appears. Anyone can do it. And they do anything they wanna do at Studio 600.

desktop pic-chick lit

Home of Merry Chick Lit

MC los mach dich schoen by merry chicklit “Merry Chick Lit” is this slinky fabric with an overblown sympathy for divine stretchiness. Its complete ignorance for spatial dimensions gives Mary Poppins’ handbag a reason for abysmal depth. How else could all this women’s carry-on be … Read More


Home of config.sys

Sebastian “Krabbe” Schweren, Krischan Wesenberg, Eve6 and Stefan Komnick are config.sys. Progressive post industrial pop has a home at Studio 600.